Hot Rod Sled Shop Inc. - Ski-doo CREE LED Handlebar Headlight KIT- CLICK TO ENLARGE

Hot Rod Sled Shop Inc. - Ski-doo CREE LED Handlebar Headlight KIT- CLICK TO ENLARGE
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Product Description

NEW HRSS SKI-DOO CREE LED LIGHT KIT- We have made a new lightweight billet aluminum bracket that mounts to the SKI-DOO ADJUSTABLE RISERS FOR XP, XS, XM, and REV GEN 4 handlebar bolt patterns. This combines with our lightweight 8" CREE LED super bright light and wiring kit for a quick easy install for XS,XM, and REV GEN4 with the Ski-doo adjustable handle bar brackets (on sale on our website for purchase). The light has a durable aluminum housing with waterproof connectors and mounts low and in front of the bars so it is not vulnerable to breakage if rolled over. Each kit comes with a HRSS 8" CREE LED light, billet aluminum mount bracket, stainless mounting hardware, and a wiring kit. XS, XM, and REV GEN4 chassis kits come with a simple plug-in pigtail. XP chassis kits come with a pigtail with spade terminals to plug into one of the original H4 light sockets. These CREE LED lights do not have HI/LOW beam so your HI/LOW switch will turn the light off or on only. These can also be used in conjunction with your stock headlights by splicing into one of your stock headlight pigtails (simply solder). These work great with headlight deletes and lightweight hood kits and are much brighter than most smaller light offerings elsewhere. Please note these are not D.O.T. certified. To use our mount bracket with a round top handlebar clamp set you must purchase flat top handlebar clamps to replace the round top clamp set your sled came with ( like a 120" Ski-doo rev XP chassis would have . )