HOT ROD SLED SHOP SKI-DOO REV GEN4 850 ETEC 2017-22 Renegade & Backcountry CLUTCH KIT

HOT ROD SLED SHOP SKI-DOO REV GEN4 850 ETEC 2017-22 Renegade & Backcountry CLUTCH KIT
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Product Description

HOT ROD SLED SHOP REV GEN4 850 ETEC 2017-21 Ski-doo Renegade & Backcountry clutch kit. This kit accelerates incredibly hard, and has great backshift--much quicker throttle response than a stock sled. The engagement is lower than stock and and grabs the belt harder for less slip and heat. Our kit will put several sled lengths on a stock sled or your buddies stage 8 clutch kit while back shifting faster to increase the fun factor from corner to corner trail blasting as well! The kit includes our new for December 2019 HRSS-PDM2 billet steel, hardened, electroless nickel plated adjustable clutch weights, progressive helix, H5 primary spring, and H5 secondary spring. We include calibrations for different track lug heights and elevations as well as the Backcountry 146" model and including various aftermarket pipes and modifications including Jaws Pipes, Bikeman Pipes, Dynoport Pipes, D& D pipes and various porting packages and big bores. See great head to head reviews on and see why you need our clutch kit. New calibrations starting January 13, 2020 for the HRSS-PDM2 ramps and our 205-305 secondary spring for the hardest acceleration and speed yet with the lowest belt temps ever. NOTE: Ski-doo Backcountry 154" models use a version of our Summit low elevation kit with PDL2 Ramps, 185-265 QRS spring and a HRSS/SVS helix. This kit pulls incredibly hard on and off trail, and can easily be configured to run at high altitude. Order a Summit kit and put in the notes your track lug height, grearing and elevation.