Hot Rod Sled Shop Ski-doo REV GEN4 850 ETEC Backcountry/Summit 146-175 Clutch Kit

Hot Rod Sled Shop Ski-doo REV GEN4 850 ETEC Backcountry/Summit 146-175 Clutch Kit
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Product Description

Hot Rod Sled Shop 2017-2020 Ski-doo Summit 850 ETEC Clutch Kit is available now. Track speed gains of 3-5 mph with the same gearing as your stock sled. Our kit includes our adjustable HRSS-PDL clutch ramps with H5 primary spring, H5 secondary spring, and progressive helix. Instructions include magnet placement for our weights for various track lengths and altitudes. We have spent hundreds of hours with our new for 2018 HRSS-PDL clutch weights which gave us a super responsive kit with super quick backshift and superior belt grip. The weights include 1.2 gram and 1.7 gram magnets for maximum adjustability. Our HRSS H5 clutch springs are the best in the business with consistent poundages over the thousands of cycles so your clutches perform correctly for years of service. Our weights are billet chromoly that is precision machined, heat treated and then electroless nickel plated with German made bushings for zero failures. These weights fit better than stock with tighter machined tolerances for a more precise fit. Our kit engages smooth and then pulls viciously hard through full shift. We spent a lot of time making sure the weight placement would give instantaneous rpm at throttle chops and technical tree riding where backshift and quick throttle response is really important. We have low or high altitude calibration and a dual elevation kit that includes 2 primary springs for low elevation and high elevation and a precise tuning instruction sheet for magnet placement for 146- 175" sleds. Buy with confidence-we stand by our performance. We also have turbo tested kits at elevation of 8-11k that outperform anything you can buy elsewhere!