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Hot Rod Sled Shop SUMMIT COMPLETE SPRING KIT: This kit is a complete suspension Spring Kit for Ski-doo Summit models. This kit includes our H5 dual rate front shock springs, our H5 dual rate center shock spring kit and our rear hd torsion spring kit.

HOT ROD SLED SHOP INC 4 SPRING REAR KIT DETAILS: Our rear 4 spring kit is for all Summit sleds with T-motion from 2015-2022 models and includes our HD rear torsion springs and our H5 dual rate center spring setup with a Delrin spring separator. The H5 dual rate center spring setup is initially sliightly softer than oem ski-doo allowing the sled to get on top of the powder by compressing the front of the skid more easily to lessen the front angle while offering a much stiffer rate at further shock travel or under hard compression for big hits and bottoming, The H5 center dual rate springs are only for ski-doo shocks with a diameter under 2" and fits Sport and "x" models.. The oem rear torsion springs are extremely soft and take a set quickly. We get calls every day with guys bottoming and cranking the adjuster all stiff to no avail.....this is the cure with superior rear springs and a dual rate center spring combo that rides smooth but doesn't bottom AND works well without valving work. These are not Ski-doo's "heavy" springs listed in the catalog which generally ride too stiff for most guys. It was tested and designed for a more agressive ditch banging style of riding where the stock setup is bottoming excessively. It still retains the smooth ride and still works very well with the stock shock valving or we offer our own valving package for individual needs. It also works really well for heavy riders (up to 300lbs.).

HOT ROD SED SHOP INC DUAL RATE FRONT SPRING KIT DETAILS: For all Ski-doo 2015-2021 SUMMIT models with 36" ski stance and 2" diameter front shocks. This is a more aggressive, stiffer than stock, H5 front dual rate spring kit that works really well with stock shock valving and is a quick install. One of our goals was for the consumer to just install these on stock shocks without the big cost of revalving and get a much better handling sled. Most of your stock SUMMIT front springs are somewhere in the 80-90 lb. rate (when new) which is mushy, too soft, causes severe body roll, and bottoms the front all the time on decent drops or bumps. Stop the body roll and mushy, soft, and quick bottoming front end on your sled with these top quality H5 dual rate spring kits. Our H5 front suspension spring kits are dual rate and have a stiffer rate than stock initial rate for less body roll while still compressing for sidehilliing manueverability and yet offering a firmer more planted feel in the stutters as well as jamming over the big g-outs, moguls, and drops. The dual rate of our springs controls the really big hits with less bottoming and better control of front end compression. This kit still offers a smooth plush ride but has a stiffer rate as they are compressed more keeping the body roll and bottoming at a minimum while offering a smooth ride. These are top quality USA made kits powder coated black and have billet aluminum spring adapters and delrin separator!