***NEW UPDATE*** Ski-doo XP 2008-15 Summit 800 Carbed Clutch Kit

***NEW UPDATE*** Ski-doo XP 2008-15 Summit 800 Carbed Clutch Kit
Item# skidoo-xp-200811-summit-800-carbed-c200811800
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Product Description

Our Summit kit newly updated in 2015 kit engages as smooth as glass so the track doesnt just blow out and start trenching. It improves track speed when climbing and pulls hard from engagement to full shift. The backshift is very quick and rpm recovery is instant. Our HRSS1 ramp engages at 3800rpm and holds rpm on long heat soaked climbs, while holding the motor back on long steep descents with very good backshift. We also improve belt grip and reduce belt and sheave heat. Kit includes: HRSS1 ramps, Primary spring, secondary spring, Hot Rod Sled SHop adjustable pin kit, HRSS progressive helix, and a QRS Slickshift Bearing. This kit has been tested up to 163" tracks and from sea-level to 10,000 ft. elevation with pin weight changes, and with gearing as high as 21-45. This is a dual elevation kit that can be adjusted for altitude with pinweight changes only. Please specify at checkout in the notes what elevation you ride and we will send a light or medium pin kit. Please call for more information regarding big bore and modified motor application.