Ski-doo REV XP, XS 800R Etec 2010- 2016 120", 129", & 137" STAGE 1 CLUTCH KIT

 Ski-doo REV XP, XS 800R Etec 2010- 2016 120", 129", & 137" STAGE 1 CLUTCH KIT
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Product Description

The new Hot Rod Sled Shop Inc. clutch kit package for the 2010-2016 800R Etec Shorty and Renegades is now available. With extensive testing we have gained up to 7-8 lengths over a stock sled with just clutch components. We have achieved wicked acceleration, lower belt temps and consistant rpm with our setup. This kit is designed for 120" to 137" models and has now been tested up to 10,000 ft. elevation with just pinweight changes. Feedback from hardcore infield testers state smooth engagement, extremely hard pull and great backshift from keeping the pin weight light while using the stock secondary spring. Kit includes: HRSS1 ramps, primary sping, Progressive helix, oversize rollers, and Hot Rod Sled Shop adjustable midweight pin kit. We are offering a great addition to this kit in 2015 and both items can be purchased separately on our site: The Slickshift Secondary Bearing and our 195-315 H5 Secondary clutch spring. The bearing installs between the helix and secondary spring eliminating the oem white delrin washer. The secondary will open as smooth as glass with virtually no friction. Our New H5 Secondary spring enhances the backshift and the on/off throttle response through the twisties is instantaneous, and our customers say we should call it our stage 2 kit...sounds good. We get lots of calls about drag racing and this same kit tuned for the day produced the fastest Ski-doo's at both 2015 Ski-Sawmill hilldrags and Bear Creek Mountain hilldrags! Congrats to those guys who spend a lot of time tuning there clutching and suspension for a perfect hilldrag combination.