Ski-doo XP 800 R Drag Clutch Kit

Ski-doo XP 800 R  Drag Clutch Kit
Item# HRSSxp800rcarbdragkit

Product Description

This kit includes a Shockwave Adjustable helix, Dalton pin kit, primary rollers, primary spring, secondary spring, and a set of handmade drag ramps. This kit has run grass, asphalt and ice very competively. This is the base kit that Fort Kent Ski-doo won the Maine State Championships with in 2013 on ice. This kit has run 5.5's in the dirt and is the same kit that is running 9.93 at 125mph on asphalt in 2014. It is very adaptable to most forms of drag racing. Gearing changes are required depending on application. Please call for more information regarding tuning for your application.