Hot Rod Sled Shop Custom Ski-doo QRS Secondary H5 Alloy Secondary Springs

Hot Rod Sled Shop Custom Ski-doo QRS Secondary H5 Alloy Secondary Springs
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Product Description

Hot Rod Sled Shop has new H5 Alloy Secondary Springs that fill another void in available QRS secondary springs. These are the highest quality springs in the industry rivaling titanium performance att much less cost. These will not sack or degrade for thousands of miles compared to oem or other aftermarket springs. The 165-295 for a great drop-in replacement for Summit oem blue and also the oem black qrs springs. NEW FOR 2020 IS OUR 185-265 --- great for Summit applications including the new 850 ETEC TURBO! Our 190-305 is a great drop-in replacement for the oem QRS Ski-doo green(180-303)giving better backshift and less spongy throttle feel on/off the gas. It is also our stage 2 lake race spring. Our 205-305 is a great backcountry and summit spring kit spring and also works great for tuners running much more pinweight with original ramps, or P drive applications with heavy clutch weights from pipes, porting etc. These springs will bring back the backshift you guys have lost by adding a bunch of pinweight which gets the backshift lazy. Any 800R PTECH or 800R ETECH running the oem green secondary and has had arm weight/pinweight added can benefit from these springs. Our newest spring the 225-300 is a great Summit replacement spring for guys running the 225-303 oem Ski-doo springs. These H5 Alloy springs have the performance of titanium at a fraction of the price. We have tested these springs with over 5000 miles and have had no sacking or poundage loss. You just won't get that with any other springs. There is no better clutch spring on the market.