Ski-Doo Summit & Freeride 800R Etec Clutch Kit 2011-2017

Ski-Doo Summit & Freeride 800R Etec Clutch Kit 2011-2017
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Product Description

2017 REFINED & UPDATED -- In the endless pursuit of perfection our Hot Rod Sled Shop Clutch Kit for Ski-doo Summit 800r Etec 2012-2017 146"- 163" and up to 2.5" tracks delivers! We have been doing hardcore thrashing with some talented riders and have changed our kit slightly in 2017 which has resulted in more track speed on climbs and even faster on /off throttle response in tree riding. Thanks to guys like GUY SMITH out of Montana for spending time refining our product! Our kit includes HRSS ramps, Helix, Hot Rod Sled Shop Inc. Adjustable Pin Kit, primary spring,secondary spring, and slickshift bearing. This kit engages soft at around 3500 rpm and with little trenching/track spin shifts up aggressively creating a perfect balance of rpm and track speed. It will easily carry the skis at will or quickly pop up the front end over obstacles. What's the difference between our kit and many others? Our kit doesn't create a bunch of track spin and bury you out of the gate while still pulling hard from engagement to full throttle runs. Our customers who have tried everything else say the pull is incredible from the bottom to full shift ---no lag anywhere and again not spinning and but getting you up on the snow. This kit has been tested from sea-level to Cooke with just pin weight changes so it is a really good value for guys riding multiple elevations and requires just clicker and pinweight change from sea-level to 11,000 feet plus. Our kit uses 18ish grams at sea-level, and 14 grams at 9500 feet. We offer a choice of either HRSS midweight ot light weight pin kit depending on your base altitude. On/off throttle response is instantaneous and the lighter pinweight is easy on rollers and helps the quick backshift. Our kit also creates much less sheave/belt heat than stock which certainly makes a happy cvt system---you can actually lay your hands on the sheaves without stage 3 burns. A bunch of hardcore mountain riders have told us this is the best kit they've ever used and most have tried everything else.