Ski-doo MXZ & SUMMIT 860, 872 Big Bore Clutch Kit for ETEC or carbed sleds

Ski-doo MXZ & SUMMIT  860, 872 Big Bore Clutch Kit for ETEC or carbed sleds
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Product Description

HRSS clutch kit which results in increased track speed, more mph, and even faster backshift..

Summit kits: Several 860 &872- 3" track test sleds have gone from 45-47 mph stock track speed to 59-62 mph b track speed with our clutch kit. The Hot Rod Sled Shop Clutch Kit for Ski-doo Summit Models from various 860, Trygstad 872, and various 880 Big Bore 146-174" sleds has been tested on various 860R to 880R Summit models from 1.75 to 3" tracks and altitudes from sea-level to 12k. The words out, we have a kit that holds rpm, pulls like a freight train, backshifts lightening quick, creates less sheave heat, and allows perfect throttle to track control. This is also a dual elevation kit with pinweight change only from sea-level to 12k. Again our kits are built to engage soft without harsh engagement trenching at 3500 rpm . The clutch sheaves run noticeably cooler than a stock setup and our H5 secondary springs backshift lightning quick with the included slickshift bearing. The kit includes HRSS1 ramps, Helix, Hot Rod Sled Shop Adjustable light or medium pin kit, primary spring, and secondary spring, and our QRS SlickShift Bearing also. Our Kit works really well with stock TRA arms and the oem QRS secondary clutch, We also have very good base data with our kit if you are using the TEAM TSS-04 or TEAM Tied secondary clutch, and can offer you primary components and helix for that application.

MXZ & RENEGADE KITS: Kit includes H5 TRA primary spring, H5 QRS secondary spring, Helix, HRSS adjustable medium pin kit, and slickshift bearing. This is a very aggressive upshift with arm socket wrenching pull and very quick backshift in and out of corbers and on/off throttle. This kit is used by many flat drag and hill drag racers. We also have setups for TEAM TSS04 secondary clutch setups. Our kit is easily tuned for different horsepower levels and track lengths and lug heights.

At checkout specify in the "notes" section all the details of your sled build & use : bore, horsepower and max rpm, riding type (trail, mountain, flat drag, hill drag), track length, track lug height, chassis type, single or twin pipe, secondary clutch, driver weight, gear ratio